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DualAxess Keyless combination lock, 7/8″ cylinder – D8030

CompX DualAxess, keyless combination lock with 7/8" cylinder length. Retrofit in existing wood or metal applications to give keyless access and to eliminate keys.

Part number: D8030
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Product Overview


For drawers, R.H. or L.H. doors with flush or overlay construction, requires ¾" diameter mounting hole


Can be operated using a combination or a key. Once unlocked, rotate the housing 90° clockwise to unlatch. Unlock using combination: turn wheels until correct combination appears in the combination windows. Press button and rotate clockwise to unlock. To lock scramble the wheels on the dial. Unlock using key: Insert key and rotate 90° , rotate housing to unlock. To lock, user must rotate the key 90° counter clockwise to lock.


Will key together with all other disc tumbler locks using D8770. Master keying is standard.


D8030 supplied with two keys, mounting nut, 4-prong wood anchor, (1) 2" length straight cam, (1) 2" length with 7/32" offset cam.

Technical Specifications

Cylinder Length Size: 7/8"
Handle Rotation: clockwise
Installation: door, drawer
Key Rotation: clockwise
Keying: Keyed alike, keyed different
Max Material Thickness: 7/8"
Type of Mounting: front

Additional Details

CompX DualAxess, keyless combination lock with 7/8" cylinder length for cabinet drawers and doors with key override. Retrofits into existing 3/4” diameter wood or metal mounting holes - no need for drilling or modification. Heavy duty die cast construction with a small profile. Combination provides up 10,000 possible codes. Matte black finish.

Finishes Available

Matte Black - 18


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