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CompX RegulatoR is an electronic push button cabinet lock that can be installed easily on new or existing projects to replace traditional, mechanical cam lock and key applications. The RegulatoR is available in two versions: self-locking and manual locking.

About RegulatoR

Keyless locking made easy!

Self-locking features SlamCAM, a spring loaded latch, which allows the user simply to close the cabinet door or drawer — no need to return the knob to the locked position. Manual locking version, which uses existing CompX National cams, requires users to rotate the knob into the unlocked and locked positions. 

The manual locking version can be programmed into single use, also known as locker mode or shared use mode. Once the RegulatoR is programmed into single use, the lock is in an unlocked position. This lets users program their own code into the lock and secure their belongings. The same code opens the lock and remains open until a new code is entered.

Additional Details

RegulatoR is easy to install, use and maintain

RegulatoR includes two AAA batteries, which provide for 75,000 openings, a low battery indicator, and convenient external battery access for easy removal and installation of batteries. The RegulatoR’s easy to clean membrane keypad is extremely durable and provides a smooth, crevice free surface.

Available in four different keypad configurations – left hand, right hand, vertical and top vertical – RegulatoR uses a 3/4″ mounting hole and a smaller, secondary attachment point. Three cylinder lengths are available for material thickness up to 1-7/16”.

CompX also offers RegulatoR AT, which provides a simple audit trail of access attempts for up to 20 users. Programming is done in the free to download Excel-based spreadsheet (ActiveTrack), and changes are pushed into the lock. Note: RegulatoR AT operates exclusively in dedicated mode (locker mode is not available on RegulatoR AT).

More than one drawer to lock?

RegulatoR is also available for multiple drawer locking systems (gang locking) and is compatible with the CompX Timberline SYS-100, SYS-101, SYS-104 and other similar gang lock systems. Applications include pedestals, lateral files, medical carts and general multiple drawer cabinets.

Optimized for a Variety of Markets

The ADA compliant RegulatoR is perfect for healthcare, education, lockers, laboratory, retail display and office furniture environments. RegulatoR applications include:

  • Patient room cabinets / lockers
  • Supply cabinets
  • Personnel lockers
  • Medical carts 
  • Computer server racks
  • Office furniture cabinets / drawers
  • Audio visual cabinets
  • Reception and conference furniture
  • Retail display cabinets

Why choose RegulatoR?

  • Two versions: Self-locking & Manual

  • Self-locking version allows the user to close the cabinet door or drawer without having to return the knob to the secure position; spring loaded cylinder returns SlamCAM to secure position

  • Manual version allows for shared use – Revolving user code; multiple users may use the RegulatoR without having to reprogram each time

  • Installs on cabinet doors & drawers with varying material thickness – Multiple orientations and cylinder lengths for various applications

  • Membrane keypad is easy to clean and very durable

  • 75,000 cycle battery life reduces replacement and labor costs

  • Batteries are easily accessible from the outside of the cabinet

  • Program up to 19 user codes

  • Made in US – replacement parts easily obtained, local resources for support

How to Buy

Contact a sales person for more information

Select a local representative to contact with questions about CompX RegulatoR, to request a demonstration or how to purchase. If unsure, please call 847.752.2500 or fill out our contact form.

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