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Emergency Medical Services

How much does narcotics security matter to you? Choose CompX eLock as your solution for controlling access to narcotics, medicines and medical supplies on EMS vehicles and also in fire stations.

CompX eLock

Revolutionizing access control for EMS

The Cabinet eLock is an ideal retrofit solution for restricting access to cabinets containing narcotics, medicines, medical supplies on EMS vehicles and fire stations.

The CompX eLock is a device that provides access control with audit trail capabilities and/or temperature monitoring (if needed) for a variety of applications — drug & supply cabinets and standard refrigerators and freezers. First responders rely on CompX eLock for securing narcotics, medicines and medical supplies, both in emergency vehicles and also in-station. These products are specifically designed to help achieve DEA compliance.

Retrofit on Existing Cabinet

CompX eLock is available in many models, and can be used to retrofit on existing cabinets or can be purchased pre-installed on narcotics boxes.

Cabinet eLock is an ideal retrofit solution for restricting access to existing cabinets containing narcotics, medicines, medical supplies on EMS vehicles and fire stations.

Pre-installed on a Narcotics Box

The Narcotics Box includes a pre-installed 200 or 300 series cabinet eLock and features heavy duty construction, seam welded corners and a scratch-resistant powder coated finish with pre-installed door switches.

  • Pre-wired for 12V (vehicle) power, battery back-up
  • Auto-relocking door with mechanical override
  • Optional AC power supply available
  • Three sizes available (Small, Standard and Extra Large)

NARC iD: Narcotics Inventory Control System

NARC iD is CompX’s revolutionary, automatic inventory control and tracking safes for controlled substances.

The NARC iD inventory control system uses RFID tags and provides complete chain of custody information on narcotics, users, vehicles and consumption.


NARC iD - intro and overview

NARC iD is fully DEA compliant for substance tracking and security. The system enrolls secured vials automatically, without the need for manual input. Each vial has a tamper seal on the encapsulated lid. Vials with capsules are inserted into a CompX tote, which then goes into the NARC iD box. The drug tote holds capsules in the correct position to be scanned by RFID tag on top of caps.

How does NARC iD help keep narcotics safe and controlled?

The NARC iD system tracks each substance’s location, providing easy inventory management. Using Lockview 5 iD Pro software allows the NARC iD system to send notifications for unexplained substance withdrawal, unauthorized entry, door ajar and more. NARC iD also tracks expiration dates and lot numbers, giving notifications of approaching expiration dates.

NARC iD can use existing HID iClass and Prox cards, fobs and tags because genuine HID readers are used in eLock products. If you don’t already have HID credentials, CompX can provide those, too.

Lockview 5 iD Pro can send usage reports, with full audit trail data, automatically to multiple individuals. These reports can be viewed and exported and sorted or filtered by date, substance, credential, and / or department.

Two size vaults are currently available. Standard (NARC) for vehicles and Central Storage Unit (CSU) for inside offices or other building locations.


NARC iD Central Storage Unit

Secure in-station storage for the NARC iD Inventory Control System before assignment of narcotics / totes to vehicles.

  • Large in-building box (approximately 34” high x 33” wide x 16” deep)
  • Auto-enrolling of up to 405 encapsulated substances
  • Provides DEA compliance
  • Automatic enrolling, inventory control and reporting of expiration dates and usage


Stack up to eight standard sized NARC Boxes.

  • One Hub system allows users to individually address up to eight openings with one eLock — choose from WiFi, Ethernet and non-network
  • Pre-wired with Hub system and ready to install
  • Maximum of eight NARC boxes per NARC Stack
  • Used for storing larger quantities of substances; NARC Stack audit trail shows exactly which doors were opened by whom and when

NARC Drop-box

Secure used or expired narcotics

  • NARC Box (non NARC-iD) with an integrated, secure drop door
  • Drop box items fall into a locked NARC Box
  • Door has metal baffle to prevent reaching inside
  • CompX eLock secures the discarded items
  • Credentials are required to retrieve items