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Custom Solutions from CompX

Over 80% of What CompX Manufactures is Custom Made

With a local sales person who understands your needs, coupled with the in-house engineering team, CompX offers more than what is shown in the catalogs - we can develop a made-to-order product to meet your specification.

As simple as changing a non-stock key code or selecting a non-standard finish, all the way to a completely new lock design, uniquely developed to meet your needs. Custom solutions can potentially save money, while enhancing the value.

  • Stamping, coining and overmolding customer company logo on keys
  • Restricted and registered key codes
  • Custom packaging
  • Custom designed electronic membranes (using customer logo and colors)
  • Custom latching: cams, bolts, etc.
  • Additional codes and master keying levels


CNC machining
CNC turning centers allow cost effective solutions for non-tooled components or specialized applications.

Zinc die-casting
State of the art miniature / medium hot chamber die casting machines allow great part flexibility with simple mold inserts.

Metal forming and stamping
CompX uses stamping presses to punch and form components and press brake systems to form sheet metal to exact customer specifications.

Laser cutting
For sheet metal processing, our team has you covered. The Bystronic BySmart Fiber Optic Laser 3015 can accommodate sheet sizes up to 118″ X 60″.

Wire harness
Flexible workcenter making a variety of harnesses, pigtails, and sub-assemblies to support electronic and custom applications. Capabilities include: Wire straightening and stripping, semi-automated termination, soldering and testing.

Tube and pipe bending
Precision tube end forming can be accomplished through single or multiple hit end forming or rotary forming devices on small-to-large diameters.

Injection molding
Customize your products with your own branding on overmolded keys.

Plating finishes (chrome, nickel, zinc, brass)
CompX has the most advanced, environmentally friendly rack, barrel & continuous plating lines with fully equipped laboratories and professional staff to support finishing processes.

Powder coating
Color match existing schemes using our custom color application process

State of the art manufacturing cells allow greater product flexibility and lead times, assures the highest levels of quality, while maintaining cost competitiveness. CompX continues to invest in our people and manufacturing methods to meet and exceed our most demanding customers’ expectations.

Primary Raw Materials

  • Brass
  • Zinc
  • Stainless steel
  • Cold rolled steel
  • Aluminum
  • Engineered plastics 

Primary Products

  • Cam locks
  • Bolt locks
  • Low, medium and high security options
  • Handle locks and latches
  • Electronic locks / access control
  • Keyless locking products