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Switch lock, momentary – C2174-70DC

CompX Chicago double bit momentary switch lock, single pole, single throw, key pull at off only, bright chrome finish, various keying options

Part number: C2174-70DC
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Product Overview


CompX Chicago double bitted switch lock is designed to integrate with a switch to control the operation of the switch. Switch locks limit use of the switch to someone with a key to the lock


Momentary contact switch locks feature spring return from closed to open position after 90° clockwise key rotation to closed position. Key pull at off only.


Will key together with all other CompX Chicago disc tumbler locks using DK-4 key blank.


Switch lock and two keys, mounting hardware

Technical Specifications

Cylinder Length Size: 1-9/16"
Installation: panel
Key Rotation: clockwise
Keying: KA, KD

Additional Details

CompX Chicago double bit, switch lock, single pole, single throw, key pull at off only. Momentary contact switch operated by manually rotating inserted key 90° clockwise from open to closed position.7 amps @ 28 VAC/VDC, electrical Life: 6,000 cycles @ Max. Load. Contact Resistance: 50 milliohms initial maximum, bright chrome finish, two keys per lock. Master keying not available. Keyed alike to 2001, 2007 and 2126, 200 keyed different codes

Finishes Available

Bright Chrome - 26


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