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Lock core for furniture locks – C8850

CompX National lock plug for Removacore housings, various finishes and keying options.

Part number: C8850
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Product Overview


One Plug Fits All for RemovaCore locks on furniture applications.


In all RemovaCore applications, key is removable in both locked and unlocked positions. D8779 control key is needed to remove and install lock cores (sold separately)


All Cores are Master keyed to E13A. Will key together with all other disc tumbler locks using D8783 key blank, except C8051 and C8052. KA to 20 changes, including all six standard disc tumbler codes.


Supplied with two keys

Technical Specifications

Keying: KA

Additional Details

CompX National lock core for Removacore housings, keyed alike in D003A, D054A, D071A, D084A, D091A, D177A, D233A, D256A, D284A, D313A, D346A, D362A, D390A, D413A, D415A, D420A, D435A, D512A, D554A, D642A, and 200 keyed different codes. Available in bright nickel, bright brass and black finishes.

Finishes Available

Black - 19
Bright Brass - 3
Bright Nickel - 14A


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