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Cylinder body – C256CB

CompX Timberline double door lock

Part number: C256CB
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Product Overview


Surface mounted lock for locking two adjacent doors. Eliminates the need for a spring catch on the door opposite the lock. Works with either overlay or inset doors.


180? cam rotation, CCW to lock, key removable in both locked and unlocked positions.


Order CompX Timberline lock plug separately


Supplied with two strike plates. Housing is black, toughened nylon. Cylinder is unplated. Cams are zinc plated.

Technical Specifications

Bolt Travel: 1/2"
Bolt Type: dead
Cylinder Length Size: 3/4"
Installation: door
Key Rotation: 180 counterclockwise
Keying: MK KD, MK KA
Max Material Thickness: 3/4
Type of Mounting: surface

Additional Details

CompX Timberline double door lock, 3/4" cylinder length, 180 degree CCW rotation, key removable in both locked and unlocked positions, bolt throw 1/2". Square lock housing is black, toughened nylon; lock plug not included.

Finishes Available

Zinc Plated - 2C

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