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Cam lock accessory kit – AK-100

CompX Fort cam lock accessory kit

Part number: AK-100
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Product Overview


CompX Fort accessory kit contains 18 separate items, conveniently packed in a heavy duty plastic case. The kit is designed to provide the most commonly used parts along with many hard to find items.


CL1 clips, ball and spring detent, DC-1 dust cap, AP1 anchor plate, C1 collar, plug removal tool, 3-point locking ccam, AW1 spur washer, S4 4-40 screw, CA1 cam adaptor, 201 hook ccam, BF 1814 bent cam, BF1418 bent cam, SF2400 straight cam, double ended cam, SF1200 straight cam, OF2408 offset cam, OF 2414 offset ccam

Additional Details

CompX Fort accessory kit contains (5) each of the following: CL1 Clips, AP1 anchor plate, 3 point locking cam, CA1 cam adaptor, BF1418 single formed cam, SF1200 straight cam, ball and spring detent, C1 collar, AW1 spur washer, 201 hook cam SF4000 straight cam, OF2408 offset cam, DC-1 dust cap, plug removal tool, S4 4-40 screw, BF1814 singe formed cam, double ended cam, OF2414 offset cam

Finishes Available

Zinc Plated - 2C