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Double Door Latch

Designed for two door cabinet applications, Double Door Latch eliminates the need for an elbow catch, or other devices, and allows hardware to be installed out of the way.

CompX Timberline Double Door Latch, open and in use

Double Door Latch. Eliminate the elbow catch.

Once the active door (the door with the lock installed) is opened, the second door is automatically unlocked as well, eliminating the need to reach inside the cabinet to release the elbow catch. Doors can be closed in any order.

Double Door Latch works with most mechanical – and electronic – cam and deadbolt cabinet locks.

How to order:

  • Determine location of lock — right hand or left hand
  • Decide where latch is needed — top or bottom mount
  • Choose color — black or white


DL-200 with lock (sold separately) on right hand door
The lock is mounted on the right hand door. Inside the right hand door, install the activator; on the non-locking door, install the catch.

The latch should be installed inside top of cabinet. The activator pushes the bolt on the latch to the other side to engage the catch. The bolt on the catch side is spring-loaded, allowing the doors to be closed in any order.

Turn the key to lock the other door; both doors are now secure. The locking door must be opened first to disengage the bolt in the latch – the bolt will slide back, allowing the non-locking door (with the catch) to open.

Why choose Double Door Latch?

Along with a cabinet lock, the Double Door Latch also provides two- or three-point locking capability for standard or wardrobe style cabinets. CompX recommends using a Double Door Latch at the top and bottom of cabinets 48” or taller. Rated for 150 lbs of pull force, the Double Door Latch is available in a black or white finish.

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